Health and Fitness Consultants in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Ryan Sweeny

I chose Paris as a Personal Trainer when I joined Les Mills, based on his profile on the website. I was looking for someone who could help me to achieve results in specific areas, and he seemed to tick all the boxes.

Paris was very thorough during our initial meeting, and really took the time to listen to me and work out exactly what it was that I wanted to achieve. From that point on, he worked closely with me, monitoring all aspects of my workout routine, nutrition, and weight.

I have had Personal Trainers at other gyms in the past; they never seemed to quite get it right and I never achieved the results I wanted to. Paris has put me through some quite challenging programmes during my time with him and the results I am seeing are fantastic. I'm completely on track with where I want to be, and my body is changing and shaping up exactly how I want it to.

Paris also helped me through my IT Band issue (runner’s knee), referring me to physio, and then working in a rehab programme in conjunction with my physiotherapist to help me get back up and running again. I was told that he was one of only a few Personal Trainers that had the knowledge to effectively help me through physio, and I always felt confident that I was in good hands.

Paris' professionalism, conduct, and personal style are all second to none. He's always on time, always organised, and most importantly, always ready to make each session fun yet challenging. I leave every session feeling motivated and satisfied that I've pushed myself further than I thought I could. Thank you, Paris. You've helped me achieve things I never thought I could, and you're the perfect example of everything a Personal Trainer should be.