Health and Fitness Consultants in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Mel Farrell

I picked up two one-on-one sessions a week and decided that I wanted to go hard out to achieve my goals. Looking back now I know I achieved them even though I may not have realised it at the time. Paris helped me get from around 7.1 on the beep test to level 10.1. For me that is massive.

I hated running it so much it literally almost made me cry. Paris pushed me until I no longer dreaded the beep test and until I knew I could beat it instead of letting it beat me. I know he was proud. One of my other results was reducing my body fat percentage quite significantly. I trimmed down and became more toned and my fitness levels increased dramatically.

Paris is definitely the best trainer for me. He has been able to push me and guide me when necessary even though sometimes I refuse to listen I know what he is saying or getting me to do is what is right. He is always there to offer support and to give advice no matter what and I know because of the person he is he will always have time for me. Paris is not only my trainer but we have become good friends.

I have tried with a number of different trainers in the past few years, but out of all of them, Paris is by far the best and I would choose to trainer with him over anyone, any day!