Health and Fitness Consultants in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Marie Hendriks

When I was looking for a PT, having moved from another gym, I wanted to continue on with boxing based training. Paris offered good experience in this modality but also a varied expertise in other modes of training. I told him I don’t want to get bored!

So I have been having weekly PT sessions with him for several years now. I have improved boxing/ kicking techniques and now he has a body shield I can land some good combo’s to keep him on his toes. Only running bores me, despite this he’s encouraged me to do round the bays twice and I improved my time over the 7km run.

We do a variety; circuit training, weights, cardio, suspension gym, core work and of course boxing. He is reliable and we have achieved my goals with strength/muscle building, fitness and boxing. More importantly I’m not bored and exercise regularly.