Health and Fitness Consultants in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Liz Boon

I met Paris 8 months after having my second child, I needed guidance to get me back on track and to peak performance for my job as an International Netball Umpire.

Initially my training involved one on one boxing sessions, I had been wanting for some time to take up this form of training. The aerobic, speed and agility aspects of boxing are all necessities that are specific to my umpiring.

Fortunately for me, Paris had an understanding of my sport as a game, but what impressed me immediately was his acquisition of knowledge regarding my role as an umpire and very quickly my training sessions became specific to the job I needed to be doing.

I meet with Paris 3x each week where in the last 3 12 years that I have known Paris, have never once had a session that is the same. Each time I turn up, I have no idea what specifics he will have me endure during our 30 minute sessions. This I believe to be a very strong attribute to his personal training, the ability to keep me focused. Paris has taken me though several rounds of fitness testing and as a result of his training sessions, I have managed to achieve results that I would have never achieved otherwise.

Over my time I have experienced a number of injuries and most recently last year, an almost career ending injury to my knee. Paris has worked solidly with me over the last 8 months to get me back to all but 100% full training. It was almost as though he had taken on a personal challenge to himself to get me back out on the court. This is the commitment Paris gives to his clients.

Paris is an incredibly capable, knowledgeable, determined and committed Personal Trainer. I have received numerous comments over the last couple of years on my general physique and fitness levels – the simple answer is that I would not have achieved these levels had I not met with someone who takes such a personal interest in what needs to be and how this can be achieved.

I am truly grateful for having Paris as my personal trainer. Even when I finish up with my umpiring, I will still continue to train with Paris, Paris has extracted an element out of me that I never thought I would achieve – the element of enjoyment in training at the gym!

I would have absolutely no hesitations whatsoever in recommending Paris – Paris will take on any challenge and will give you results above and beyond any expectations you may have.