Health and Fitness Consultants in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Jacqui Stewart

I can honestly say Paris is the best trainer I've had. I completely trust his skill and ability - he knows what he's doing and it's clearly evident he loves what he does. He is well-known, well-liked and well-respected.

We have built a strong bond and friendship through our training relationship and I can also honestly say that I look forward to going to our appointments each week - a lot more than I can say for other gym visits! He knows that he can, and how, to push me in my training and that I can do better and put more effort in each time. Paris has never treated me "like a girl" - if that makes sense! - but instead pushes me to train hard for the results and high expectations I have. I'm never given an easy option because he knows what I'm truly capable of, even if initially, I don't!

I had a blinder of a season last year and that was down to Paris working with me and believing in me to achieve what I wanted. The motivation and support he provided really lifted and polished my performance. He has also trained me through devastating injuries, and got me back on track - for which I'm eternally grateful. Paris is always positive, encouraging and good for a laugh! I look forward to continuing to train with him and achieving even more lofty goals.