Health and Fitness Consultants in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Iri Mako

Paris is probably more committed to my well being than I am. We have a love/hate relationship – I hate training hard and Paris loves to see me succeed! I’m probably one of Paris’ biggest challenges but I think everyone needs at least one person like that in their life right?

Paris has come to understand that my desire to look, feel and perform like an elite athlete is usually overtaken by my lack of discipline and complete inability to stick at anything for any great period of time! Usually I start off well (and Paris knows this) but at about the half way mark (sometimes sooner), I start to wane. Paris is always professional in his approach, always encouraging me and always makes it fun. He’s also been known to tell me off occasionally! And while no one enjoys being told off, Paris is so good with it, it’s more like an encouraging nudge! If you’re looking for a trainer and a mate that is committed to you succeeding, then Paris fits the bill!