Health and Fitness Consultants in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Bronwyn Malcolm

When I first started my lifestyle change 7/8 years ago I decided to get a PT to help me in my journey to loss weight and feel good about myself.  I was 40 and fat (105kg, wearing a size 18/20).  Over that time I experienced 6 different PT's and their different styles of training.  Paris was recommended to me nearly 3 years ago when I shifted down to Wellington and I haven't looked back.  He is the best PT that I have had.   I have accomplished so much more than I ever dreamed off since having Paris as my PT.

When I first meet him, I was down to 75kg and a size 12/14.   He believed I could achieve goals that I didn't think I could reach, but I have accomplished those goals and more, due to his training regime, guidance, motivation, encouragement & belief that I could do it.  I have lost over 12kg since meeting Paris, and have gone down to a size 8.

In the time he has been my PT I have done lots of firsts like flipping tires, running a half marathon, running in the Tough guy/gal race & competing in a bodybuilding competition.  I love that I feel so much younger now and have so much more energy.  I totally trust Paris and his expertise and the fact that he walks the talk and leads by example.