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come together as a team to achieve a common goal.

having a strong desire or craving.

Starting as a group of elite athletes, #teamhungry epitomises strength through dedication as a group of people that has a strong desire to successfully achieve common or similar fitness goals with the help of Body by Paris.

Through the progression of #teamhungry, the group has now expanded, ranging from a broad spectrum of people from beginners right through to elite athletes. #teamhungry creates strong, enduring and successful athletes that are able to attain specific and desired fitness goals as required. #teamhungry stands as a constant reminder to always stay hungry for the goals at hand and feast on your own success.

As a group of people dedicated to fulfilling their own self potential goals through health and fitness, a sense of communitas and comradery is established, enabling the group to help motivate others, whatever their fitness goals may be.

#teamhungry stay hungry and feast on success