Health and Fitness Consultants in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Body by Paris

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With the rapid decline of general health awareness in our society and the continuous rise of an obesity epidemic within New Zealand, the pursuit of Body By Paris has taken action in implementing the importance of both nutrition and physical activity. Body by Paris acknowledges the short-term and long-term health consequences that can occur without the opportunity for an individual or a community to learn and become aware of prevention for serious health concerns within our society.



Developing a team of qualified professionals, Body by Paris has found fresh, new perspectives and ideas on health, nutrition and fitness that has helped athletes from a variety of sporting codes such as professional boxing, rugby and league, to swimming, basketball, netball and athletics.


Achieve your goals

From sports-specific training, individual body sculpting competitions to community and group training, Body by Paris has helped a broad spectrum of groups that want to achieve their desired goals or simply just wanting to start their health and fitness journey with a "no limitation" type of approach.



Our aim is to motivate you

With plenty of fitness challenges and nutritional tips to keep the community involved and motivated, the demand for Body by Paris has been acknowledged through the education of knowledge not only about fitness, food and nutrition but also through developing a healthy lifestyle both mentally and spiritually taught in the Body by Paris seminars. The accountability to achieve desired goals starts with the "self" not just physically but spiritually too.


Reaching out

Through the vast ways Body by Paris has reached out to a variety of people and communities, (both young and old) from different sporting specified training, special-physical needs and also injury rehabilitation, Body by Paris serves not only as a personal trainer but also as a group of educators, confidants, motivators and mentors